SharePoint Nirvana | August 2008

Techniques to use when Variations Attack!

by JamieMcAllister 29. August 2008 14:22
Sometimes MOSS Variation just refuse to play ball. This post details the remedial action I took when a Target Variation errored halfway through creation, and I was unable to delete the Variation Label to try again. These techniques could prove useful to anyone who has problems with MOSS Variations. [More]

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Variations Editor has Shipped!

by JamieMcAllister 29. August 2008 02:02
A new (and free) Variations Editor tool has been shipped. [More]

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Do MOSS Variations really SUCK?

by JamieMcAllister 22. August 2008 18:42
There's been a lot of negative comment about MOSS Variations. Do MOSS Variations really suck that badly? Well, I've been using them in a production environment for a long time now, and this is what I think. [More]

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Variations Documentation from MS

by JamieMcAllister 11. August 2008 17:45
New Variations documentation seems to be emerging from Microsoft. [More]

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