SharePoint Nirvana | December 2016

Trapping Errors when Automating Metalogix Content Matrix via Powershell

by JamieMcAllister 23. December 2016 04:11
Using Powershell to automate Metalogix Content Matrix and migrate content can be very powerful. One problem though is that the way to trap errors is undocumented. I chip in the necessary information here. [More]

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Deleting SharePoint Items remotely via Powershell

by JamieMcAllister 16. December 2016 03:27
Recently I was trying to put together a really quick solution to delete some SharePoint 2010 items remotely using Powershell script. It'd be quite usual to incorporate CSOM into such a solution, but as I had some legacy powershell performing actions via the SharePoint web services (lists.asmx) it se... [More]


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