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Display Video Files Using CQWP

by JamieMcAllister 8. October 2012 19:39
Use a custom item style and CQWP to display any videos you want on a page from anywhere in the site collection. [More]

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Further Customise CQWP to Display Draft and Checked Out Pages By User

by JamieMcAllister 30. October 2008 20:14
The CQWP is a very versatile tool for MOSS Publishing Sites. Here I demonstrate how to override the fields that CQWP usually display. This allows a solution to one of the Content Authors major bug bears - an easy way to find out what pages are currently checked out or draft. [More]

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Embed CAML Queries into the Content Query Webpart - Finding Draft Publishing Content

by JamieMcAllister 14. April 2008 16:12
This article demonstrates a powerful code free way of finding your draft publishing content, by embedding CAML queries into the Content Query Web Part (CQWP). [More]

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