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My SharePoint Online Sessions Now Available at Channel9

by JamieMcAllister 18. November 2014 14:19
I recently had the chance to do some SharePoint online education sessions on camera, a first for me. Here are the links, see how it went! [More]


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Display Video Files Using CQWP

by JamieMcAllister 8. October 2012 19:39
Use a custom item style and CQWP to display any videos you want on a page from anywhere in the site collection. [More]

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SharePoint Webinar Slides

by JamieMcAllister 10. August 2012 00:33
Here is the Powerpoint from todays webinar. It has a explanation of SharePoint Publishing and Content Types that might be useful. [More]

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Basic Content Management Skills Every User Should Have

by JamieMcAllister 18. April 2012 13:25
There are certain basic concepts when managing content in SharePoint that I find many users dont have. These are the real basic and essential skills and concepts that you can learn in a short time to get ahead as a user of SharePoint. Detailed here. [More]

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Variations 2010 - it is good news!

by JamieMcAllister 21. October 2009 22:06
Variations are not the main focus of Microsofts publicity drive for Sharepoint 2010, but information is coming out, and it's good news. [More]


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Overriding Sharepoint Page Render method

by JamieMcAllister 18. December 2008 15:35
This article demonstrates the simple but powerful technique of overriding the Render method of a Sharepoint page. This allows you to obtain the Response markup of the page which can then be manipulated for XHTML compliance, Document Output, or Mobile Device Rendering. [More]

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Variations Editor version 2 Has Shipped

by JamieMcAllister 16. December 2008 01:18
Tim Dobrinski has released the latest version of his variations editor tool. Not only does it have the Variations fixing abilities of the first version, but now it allows the import and export of variations content between variations sites or beyond (to xml) !! As a free download, can you really afford to ignore a variations tool with this amount of power? [More]

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Create Expandable Regions in MOSS Publishing Pages

by JamieMcAllister 8. July 2008 18:11
When there is a lot of text on a MOSS Publishing page it can spoil the presentation. This technique allows Publishing Page text to sit in regions that can be expanded and contracted by a reader. A custom button on the HTML editing toolbar makes it easy for content authors to add this feature. [More]

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Andrew Connells new MOSS WCM book is really good!

by JamieMcAllister 4. July 2008 15:58
I never really saw myself doing book reviews, but this book has to be praised! After doing MOSS Web Content Management since the release of MOSS 2007, I only now wish this book had been published way back when MOSS was released. There is guuidance for Veteran and Rookie alike! [More]

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